JKW Lumber Company

About JKW Lumber Company

JKW Lumber Company was founded in January 2003 by Jerry Wolniewicz. JKW Lumber Company is a direct saw mill source for Pacific Caost Alder and Maple, Western Birch, Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Hemlock. Our production of lumber is approximately 18 million board feet annually. We are confident that the products we provide will meet or exceed the grade standard at a competitive price level. Although the backbone of the company is built and based on the Western hardwood species such as Alder, Maple, and Birch we can also provide through long term partners, Import Plywood, Eastern Hardwoods, and Softwood Lumber.

JKW Lumber Company products are shipped worldwide from our Vancouver Washington facility, which is 15 minutes from the Port of Portland.

Our typical customers are large furniture manufactures, wholesale distributors, door manufacturers, and moulding and millwork plants. There are no limitations on order sizes, any and all inquires are welcome.

We load containers, flatbeds, and LTL shipments. Call for current freight rates.

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